Our Story

Our Story

I’m Zaheer Molu, a 13-year veteran photographer. Together with my wife, Fatima, we run a successful photography company known for creatively capturing large, multicultural weddings around the world.

At age 10, our son Abbas-Ali was diagnosed with ADD. Over the years he struggled academically – which greatly affected his confidence as everyone around him excelled in school.

After introducing him to photography, he took his camera everywhere! For a child who’s brain was hyperactive, Abbas-Ali was now able to slow down, uncover interesting subjects, focus, and capture them in his own unique way.

His new-found sense of self-confidence not only motivated him to continue to pursue his new-found passion, but it also positively impacted his academic performance.

He found his voice in this arena and formed his own company, Big Production Media.

Soon he was being commissioned by top Instagrammers and bloggers to produce photos and videos for their accounts. He worked hard, purchased his own equipment and finally his dream car! All this by the age of 17.

We see so much potential in the next generation of creators but unfortunately, proper education in this area is very difficult to find and limited to basic online tutorials.

Over the years I developed a very organic way to capture the world around me. This is the method I will bring to our students, a more experiential way of learning, unleashing their creative eye and allowing them to develop a unique style of their own.

Parents Love Us!

It's hands-on, not just theory. When kids do something, they remember it. This program allowed my child to explore his creative side and using professional equipment made him feel grown up.