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Visual Media Masters offers the ONLY YRDSB approved in-school, hands-on photography program created by one of the most sought after photographers in North America: Z Molu Photography

No equipment or experience is required – we bring everything!

We offer 4 different programs for schools from introductory to fully immersive:

Day of Discovery – we set up a series of creative activities for students to explore photography and produce some awesome images within a 30-45 minute session. We can work with as many as 20 students per session getting through all grade 4-8 students over the course of a day.

Fee is $20 per student, paid by the parent.

Lunch time program – these 40 minute sessions give students the chance to grab a quick bite, learn some photo fundamentals and explore their surroundings in a new light!

Fee per student is $269 for 12 weeks, 40-minute sessions, paid by the parent.

After-school Junior Masters program – Designed specifically for students in grades 4-5, Junior Masters are encouraged to see the world around them in a new way. With less emphasis on the technical side of photography, students focus on creating stories with their camera through a number of activities that challenge their creativity and attention to detail as well as editing their photos to make them stand out.

Fee per student is $379 for 12 weeks, 60-minute sessions, paid by the parent

After-school Senior Masters program – Developed for grades 6-8, students get more technical training to learn the key ingredients that make a great photo, how to use editing software to give their photos that professional polish, create a company name and logo, and even build a portfolio website to showcase their amazing work!

Fee per student is $399 for 12 weeks, 75-minute sessions, paid by the parent

Learning photography comes with a number of positive benefits:

  • Provides an outlet for creative expression
  • Builds confidence by solving complex problems through creative activities
  • Strengthens creative & analytical thinking skills
  • Reduces stress & anxiety
  • Great for mental health
  • Increases focus and attention to detail
  • Opens a possible career pathway

Let’s get your students Mastering photography!

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Parents love us!

This is such a good idea for a program.  The curriculum doesn’t have a lot for the artistic minded.  So, thanks to your team for bringing this program to our school!!